TDLAS PPM-Level Methane Sensor Gasboard-2502


CatalogNo:TDLAS PPM-Level Methane Sensor Gasboard-2502
Cubic Sensor and Instrument Co.,Ltd. has developed diverse mature technology platforms of non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) for reducing methane emissions from oil and gas industry NDIR technology relies on the principle that specific gases absorb infrared light at characteristic wavelengths. Based on NDIR technology, Cubic innovatively developed the miniature low power NDIR CH4 sensor, SJH-5B-SL NDIR non dispersive infrared sensor, which can detect 0 to 5% Vol methane (CH4) concentration. With the low power consumption design, it can be applied for the scenarios that require optimal energy efficiency, battery-powered portable or wearable detectors. SJH-5B-SL could enable continuous working current as low as 1mA, and achieve micro ampere level further through flexible intermittent working model. Besides, it continuously maintains excellent performance for superior accuracy over full temperature range and long-term stability based on matrix calibration mechanism and dual beam design. In drilling, pipeline, and oil and gas storage facilities, Cubic NDIR CH4 sensor SJH-5B-SL provides real-time data, enabling rapid response to methane leaks to realize precise and reliable industrial safety alarm.


国家/地区 中国
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